What to Expect At The Chiropractor

Your Chiropractor Consultation

We’ll ask you to fill out some paperwork, respond to questions regarding your health history, lifestyle factors such as leisure activities, occupation etc.. The chiropractor will then have a detailed discussion with you about your presenting condition and health history.

Also, a point of discussion will be why you are visiting a chiropractor.  Is it for back pain?  Might you be experiencing sciatica?  Or do you think a herniated disc could be the source of neck pain?  Regardless of why you made your appointment, your team can help. 

Your Chiropractor Appointment 

The chiropractor then conducts a structural analysis which includes looking at your posture, muscle balance and assessing for areas of weakness or tension.

A specific examination will then be tailored to your requirements with tests to check your mobility, range of motion, neurological and orthopaedic tests as required.

We use a high-frequency machine, digital x-ray digitizer, filtration, and shielding for the highest quality images with the least exposure to the patient. What this equates to basically is extra care to produce high-quality X-Ray images with very low patent radiation exposure.

The chiropractor then uses static and motion palpation skills to assess the individual spinal segment function.

A decision is made on the next steps...

X-rays may be required, depending on the extent of your ailment or injury. This is more common with adults than children.

X-Rays are conveniently done right here at The Spine Clinic.

We use a high-frequency machine and take our films at nearly double the film focus distance as most medical radiology practices. We use filtration and gonad shielding. In short, what this means is that you’re receiving extra care to produce high-quality X-Ray films with very low patent radiation exposure.  

Your health and well-being will always come first at The Spine Clinic. 

The X-Ray films are processed and reviewed with you on the same consultation visit.
All aspects of the examination are then correlated to determine if chiropractic care is appropriate for you, and if so, the approach required.

When can chiropractic treatment begin?

Treatment usually begins on your first visit. The main form of treatment we use is a specific adjustment. The chiropractor uses his hands to apply a gentle short thrust to the subluxated (misaligned, fixated) spinal segment or peripheral joint to reset it towards normal.

During later consultations, we commonly prescribe exercises, give postural and ergonomic advice, and often perform muscle stretches and releases.

Customized Chiropractic Treatment, Tailored To Your Needs…

We reassess each patient thoroughly on every visit and determine if continued care is recommended.

Because individual responses to care vary according to body type, activity levels, stress levels, amount of sitting, sports, and other lifestyle factors, we have no pre-arranged, “one size fits all” treatment plans.

For the same reason, we also don’t offer upfront payment plans. Payment is strictly on a pay-as-you-go basis with the exception of Veteran Affairs, Third Party, and workers compensation patients.

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We hope that we can enhance your understanding of you and your family’s health and provide you with knowledge to empower your health.

Always feel comfortable to ask questions or ask for more information; we are here to help.