Back Pain


If you suffer from back pain, you join as many as 85% of all Americans who will be disabled by back pain at some point in their lives. Years of abusing your back makes the back prone to injury. The lower back is particularly vulnerable and the dysfunction of its major joints can lead to painful results.


If you’re like most of us, you will take your back for granted… that is, until it stops working the way it should! Understanding how your back works and what you can do to prevent back problems can help keep your back “trouble-free.”

Proper alignment of your spine is essential for total health. Unfortunately, daily wear and tear, such as poor posture, improper lifting, old injuries that didn’t heal properly, or lack of body conditioning can cause your spine to get out of alignment. Muscle spasms, prolonged periods of pain, delayed recovery from injury, as well as increased chances of permanent damage and degeneration can result.


It’s tempting to reach for a quick-fix by taking pain-killing drugs when you’re in pain. But drugs only mask the pain; they do not correct the underlying problem. The goal of chiropractic is to identify the cause and then correct the problem so it doesn’t recur.

Each year, millions of people find relief from back pain with chiropractic care. Chiropractic can help correct the cause of your pain and restore your back to full function, while preventing other back problems in the future.

The primary weapon against back pain is a specific form of manipulation called a “spinal adjustment.” When properly administered by a trained chiropractor, these adjustments have been scientifically proven to be highly effective in dealing with pain of spinal origin.

In fact, the U.S. government recently sponsored a study which concluded that most patients with back problems, and many others with nerve root pain would benefit from chiropractic manipulative treatment. At the same time, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research found chiropractic manipulation to be a “safe and effective” treatment for adults with back trouble.

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